Where do you start on building your dream home?

When it comes to putting a home budget together, you have to consider the type of builder that you’re hiring, building costs, contractor costs, and more.

Buying a piece of land sounds so simple, but is often more complicated than you would think. We’ve seen everything from land that’s too flat for drainage to flood plains that weren’t properly noted.

Your builder shouldn’t be telling you what’s important to your family, it should be the other way around. But at the same time, you need expert advice so you can plan for the future.

Building the home itself is the most straight-forward part of the overall process. But doing it efficiently is the hard part.

About Turner & Son Homes

Building a home is easy. Once you have the plans and the land, the actual construction of a house is straightforward. Not all builders will help you with issues outside of the construction, though.

We have good relationships with strategic partners, including Realtors and bankers, that we rely on to help us serve our customers well. Whether you need to find land, overcome credit issues, find a solution for your land title, or hit some other snag on the road to your dream home, we’re ready to help you address it and move forward. If we can’t provide the solution for you, chances are good that we know someone who can.

We build on your land, whether that’s acreage or a lot in a neighborhood. We build where others are afraid to.

What Our Homeowners Say

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