Moving past bad credit


Business person climb better credit scoreEveryone who gets surprised by a low credit score thinks they’re the only one. It never fails. If that sounds familiar, you’re not the only one! I want to help you move past it and build the house you want.

Most customers’ first reaction to a low credit score is embarrassment. They start giving this complex explanation of how it happened, and how they’re trying hard to change it. People treat a credit score like it’s an indictment of their character, and that’s just not the case.

Your credit score is just a number. It’s a number that’s part of a game, a system that never quite seems to make sense and always leaves people feeling bad about themselves. Credit scores make life seem unfair. I understand that, but the first step to solving a credit problem is to realize that having bad credit doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person.

The next step is to realize that there are plenty of resources and people out there who are experts at playing this game. They know what you need to do to move the score up to a desirable number. Most mortgage lenders have a team of people whose specialty is just that, and you’ll find that they’re eager to make this work for you.

Improving a credit score is no different than having to make a path through trees on the land for a driveway. It’s one of the many problems that comes with building a house. In fact, I’d rather deal with a low credit score than some of the real head-scratchers we’ve encountered over the years.

So if you’ve just had your credit run and the result isn’t what you thought it might be, don’t panic. It’s not a reflection of your character. It’s just a number, and it’s a number that lots of folks want to make right for you.

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