Afraid you can't afford to build a house?

Turner & Son Homes provides great value for your investment, making your dream home a reality. We build custom designed homes for those who thought they couldn’t afford even a new home.

Contact us to use our expertise, even before you’re ready to start. During the initial planning, we help make sure you start out the right way.

Where are you in the home building process?

Learn more about the Red Door Homes series.Turner & Son Homes offers The Red Door Homes series for our clients looking for a simpler option to fit their budget.

Turner and Son Homes is a BBB Accredited Home Builder in Oklahoma City, OK

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  • 32 steps to a dream home

    32 steps to a dream home

    One of the most common concerns we hear from families in the market for a new home is that they fear the home building process. Generally, that fear is derived from not knowing what is involved with the ground-up approach. At Turner & Son Homes, we know from experience that …Read More
  • Staying within your budget

    Staying within your budget

    I recently met with a realtor that we've had a successful referral business with for over five years. We are currently working with two different referrals through his realty group. But while I was meeting with the broker, he was surprised to know that we customize homes from $120k and …Read More
  • The land development process

    The land development process

    Are you looking for land to build your home on? Are you a realtor with clients interested in building on land? There may be a lot of questions you aren’t asking. Do you really know what to look for? Do you how much the land is going to cost to …Read More