Afraid you can't afford to build a house?

Turner & Son Homes provides great value for your investment, making your dream home a reality. We build custom designed homes for those who thought they couldn’t afford even a new home.

Contact us to use our expertise, even before you’re ready to start. During the initial planning, we help make sure you start out the right way.

Where are you in the home building process?

Learn more about the Red Door Homes series.Turner & Son Homes offers The Red Door Homes series for our clients looking for a simpler option to fit their budget.

Turner and Son Homes is a BBB Accredited Home Builder in Oklahoma City, OK

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  • Why we love Realtors

    Why we love Realtors

    Realtors and home builders could do so much together. I don't understand why there's often such skepticism toward one another. At Turner and Son, we love our Realtors. It's important to know...Read More
  • Building homes like a Marine

    Building homes like a Marine

    If everything doesn't go according to plan in a war zone, you're not allowed to throw up your hands and call it quits. That's one of the many things I learned during my days as a combat engineer in the Marine Corps. This business reminds me a lot of the …Read More
  • Why I stand by buyers with financing problems

    Why I stand by buyers with financing problems

    Usually I talk about solving logistical problems because I have to handle them to give my clients the home that they want. But when it comes to financial problems, I can speak from experience. My wife had fallen in love with a home, and I was having trouble getting it …Read More
  • Visualizing your custom home

    Visualizing your custom home

    The idea of designing a home just as you've dreamed it is exciting, but it isn't always easy to share that vision with your builder. In a perfect world, you could just build the house and then walk them through it, but obviously that's not an option. It's challenging to...Read More