Afraid you can't afford to build a house?

Turner & Son Homes provides great value for your investment, making your dream home a reality. We build custom designed homes for those who thought they couldn’t afford even a new home.

Contact us to use our expertise, even before you’re ready to start. During the initial planning, we help make sure you start out the right way.

Where are you in the home building process?

Learn more about the Red Door Homes series.Turner & Son Homes offers The Red Door Homes series for our clients looking for a simpler option to fit their budget.

Turner and Son Homes is a BBB Accredited Home Builder in Oklahoma City, OK

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  • Beware the shiny showroom

    Beware the shiny showroom

    For some builders, it pays when their clients' eyes are bigger than their budgets. They show you a few pretty pictures hoping that you'll throw your common sense to the wind and start asking for more than what you'd originally budgeted for.Read More
  • Avoid a $70,000 mistake

    Avoid a $70,000 mistake

    A client came to us excited about a piece of land that he'd purchased, between two homes on a cul-de-sac. He and his wife pictured their kids playing in the common area behind the home, complete with a little creek. They couldn't resist. Everything seemed perfect, but our client had …Read More
  • Should you build new or add on?

    Should you build new or add on?

    So often in our lives, a change in our family situation affects our living space. Sometimes we've seen these changes coming for a long time. Sometimes they're totally unexpected. A few weeks ago, I spoke with a customer who...Read More
  • Are you looking for a unicorn?

    Are you looking for a unicorn?

    You might be giving your agent fits if your house hunt is a quest for a unicorn—and we're not talking about the mythical horse-like creature. In the real estate business, a unicorn is a home that the agent knows you're never going to find because your requirements are too strict. …Read More