Afraid you can't afford to build a house?

Turner & Son Homes provides great value for your investment, making your dream home a reality. We build custom designed homes for those who thought they couldn’t afford even a new home.

Contact us to use our expertise, even before you’re ready to start. During the initial planning, we help make sure you start out the right way.

Where are you in the home building process?

Learn more about the Red Door Homes series.Turner & Son Homes offers The Red Door Homes series for our clients looking for a simpler option to fit their budget.

Turner and Son Homes is a BBB Accredited Home Builder in Oklahoma City, OK

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  • Rural subdivision versus raw land

    Rural subdivision versus raw land

    How different is a five-acre lot in a neighborhood from a five-acre tract miles away from a neighbor? They're more different than you might think. That's one of the first decisions that you'll face when you decide that you want to build in the country – subdivision or raw land. …Read More
  • Building on land that’s too flat

    Building on land that’s too flat

    You might be surprised to know that even though a lot of land in Oklahoma seems flat, most of it is not perfectly so. In fact, we rely on it not being perfectly flat for a number of reasons. While it might seem like building on flat land is cut …Read More
  • Building a house on a hill

    Building a house on a hill

    A customer called excited about a piece of land that he'd found in northern Oklahoma, and wanted me to come take a look at it before he made a decision. I soon found that this wasn't going to be your everyday project.Read More
  • The real value of a home

    The real value of a home

    When it comes to sinking money into a home, the first thing you'll hear people start talking about is "adding value to the home." But what kind of value are we talking about? I've seen situations...Read More