The families we've helped...

Michelle B.

As our family began to outgrow our existing home, we decided that it was time to move out of...

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Judi Startzman

After getting married and beginning to focus on planning a family, we decided that it was time...

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Sean & Leann V.

When Sean and I came to Turner & Son Homes, we were living in a rental after selling our...

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We Build Homes To Fit Your Family.
We Have The Key To Your New Home.
We Handle The Details So You Can Live Life.
We Make Families' Dreams Come True.
We Modify Our Plans To Fit Your Needs.

Unsure of where to start?

If you've made the decision to build, you've made the first step! Whether you already own land or need to buy it, call us today to find out more about the neighborhoods and modifying our flexible plans to meet your needs.

Unhappy in your current home?

Whether you've outgrown your house, your maintenance is too much, or your neighborhood no longer suits your lifestyle, we can help. As your flexible builder, we'll listen to you so we can truly build according to your family's needs.

Worried about affordability?

Turner & Son Homes is dedicated to building quality homes for the value conscious family. We aim to use the highest quality products and the most efficient methods. This allows us to keep everyone's costs low.

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  • The scoop on buying land

    The scoop on buying land

    Buying land can sometimes be more complicated than buying a house. It’s what you can’t see that has a greater impact on your successful use of the land. Issues like subsurface soil and water conditions, seasonal effects, zoning ordinances, deed restrictions or a murky title can all put a damper …Read More
  • Custom home plan, same investment

    Custom home plan, same investment

    We meet with new clients all the time who don’t fully realize what it means to have a custom-built home at no extra cost. We don’t charge you extra to meet your needs. For example...Read More
  • Custom homes, high value

    Custom homes, high value

    If you’re familiar with Turner and Son, you probably know we build homes from $120k to $500k. You know we build a variety of homes and let our customers customize every detail. But did you know we offer completely customized homes?Read More