Afraid you can't afford to build a house?

Turner & Son Homes provides great value for your investment, making your dream home a reality. We build custom designed homes for those who thought they couldn’t afford even a new home.

Contact us to use our expertise, even before you’re ready to start. During the initial planning, we help make sure you start out the right way.

Where are you in the home building process?

Learn more about the Red Door Homes series.Turner & Son Homes offers The Red Door Homes series for our clients looking for a simpler option to fit their budget.

Turner and Son Homes is a BBB Accredited Home Builder in Oklahoma City, OK

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  • The land development process

    The land development process

    Are you looking for land to build your home on? Are you a realtor with clients interested in building on land? There may be a lot of questions you aren’t asking. Do you really know what to look for? Do you how much the land is going to cost to …Read More
  • Do you suffer from “new home, but”?

    Do you suffer from “new home, but”?

    If you find yourself saying, “I want a new home, but…” then we want to talk with you! We've built homes for hundreds of families who thought they could never build their own land. Think you can't afford the down payment? Call us.Read More
  • Partnering for ADA accessible homes

    Partnering for ADA accessible homes

    Turner and Son Homes has partnered with the Oklahoma Family Network as the home builder of choice for ADA accessible homes. Two of our executives, Jerry and Athena Captain, have a daughter with special needs they care for full time.Read More