Savannah’s inviting, ADA accessible home

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The Story

Savannah’s family had a very unique set of requirements for their new custom home. Savannah shares her home with her mom, dad, and sister. Our job was to make sure that the home was beautiful and functional for everyone in the family, making an efficient use of the family’s budget.

  • Barrier-free living spaces, since Savannah moves in a wheelchair
  • Home office space, as mom does a lot of work from home
  • Open space for entertaining, as Savannah’s mom and dad use their home for gatherings of friends and business associates
  • Accessible bathrooms
  • “Teen retreat” for older daughter
  • Flexible outdoor living space with room to expand and grow in the future

By efficient planning, we were able to give Savannah and her family a beautiful, inviting, ADA accessible home while sticking to their budget.

The Floor Plan

1st Floor

2nd Floor

Key Features

  • Extremely efficient design makes this house very cost-effective.
  • Efficient shape reduces wasted space and materials.
  • This space utilizes area that’s already under the roof. An efficient shape means this family got a lot of bang for their buck!

Download House Plan

The Finished Home

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