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The Story

Ashley and her husband, Mike, have five children that they homeschool. That fact influenced a lot of our home design! They had removed the double-wide from the property they already owned in order to make room for the new brick home they had been dreaming of.

Ashley and Mike are budget-conscious, like a lot of families, and they wanted to make sure they got the most living space possible for their money—including room for a classroom. With seven people living in their home, they wanted to make sure everyone had plenty of space! Their home includes:

  • As many bedrooms as possible
  • Big, open kitchen, dining, and family room to give lots of space for family time
  • Large, open family room to welcome a big extended family
  • Separate classroom for homeschooling—no need to clear homework off the kitchen table every night!
  • Vaulted ceilings to create a more spacious feel

Since Ashley and her family lived on their own acreage, they already had a shop and really didn’t want to waste money on a garage. Instead, we used the money that typically would have gone to a garage to create a large, relaxing master suite.

The Floor Plan

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The Finished Home

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